When Science explains everything.

When science explains everything, I think that two things participate strongly in the process of evolution the first is Entropy, and the second is Quantum theory.
Can quantum theory explains the mysteries of the universe?
Can scientists explain quantum theory to all the people?
Did we have the ability to do that? It’s a big challenge to our mind.
A lot of challenges we confront in our daily life.
Why do we exist?
We exist to understand the universe inside itself. To give it a meaning, in every possible universe there’s a kind of different life that the laws of physics in each universe take a possibility but it can permit or not the existence of some substances to make an equilibrium in any universe.
Who create us?
As all what exist contain in itself substances that exist in all the levels of life, as the carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and so on. We are the creation of those substances, because the laws of physics in earth permits the existence of some species as us, then what create us is high probably those laws of physics.
Where did we come from?
I’m not certain about the origin of our race, but there’re a lot of possibilities that we should study to understand the origin of life.
Do we come from quantum life?
This possibility has a high probability, that we are made from quantum.
The universe is so large, from the microscopic to the macroscopic level, but how vaste is the universe?
What makes it so vaste?
Entropy, can explain the phenomenon of expansion, the universe is in rapid expansion because it is warmed by the lights that the suns emit inside it, if there will be a decrease in the quantity of light, the process will be reversed and the univers collapse.
Our abilities to understand the universe, need a constant and continues search by using what we had created of tools and theories. Always ask questions and don’t make their answers your goal, but just be lost in the universe with your approximate truths and theories, no one possessed the truth, because life will never let us knowing the truths, it lets us running and studying it, life always hides mysteries behind mysteries.
Science gives us this opportunities to understand where are we? Why do we live here? And who are we ?
I like to live with doubt and approximate theories of life rather than having a blind faith in an illusions. I want to live with myself is for me an approximate truth of life and I think firmly that is what life wants from us, to be who we are and to live with ourselves.

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