How I see life?

In my way to home, I was thinking after a long day of working about life and its simplicity and how human being complicated it in my way I saw all the beauty of nature and what the forces of nature had created from billions of years of evolution, life is in a constant evolution but as we live too short we can’t observe this evolution of life, it reproduces itself but if we ask why? and how? by seeking why do we exist? How does life move? Not running towards the answers but to enjoy this lost in the mysterious universe and studying everything around us we’ll find that we’re an evolutionary being, this can be seen in biology and technology, as the one was created by life and the second was created and evolved by us.
Our task now is to combine the two to build a single entity that evolve with the power of imagination and the dynamics of life.
This is my thoughts and how I see life, this what life is.



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