Time is our field

Suicide is a way to escape time. It’s a way to join eternity. A being feels stranger, he/she thinks that he/she is lost in this miserable life. I was thinking if we don’t never exist in this univers. Who will discover all what we know about this univers? I was thinking if any kind of the creatures living on earth can think, and have consciousness and imagination. Will they think as us? Will they feel as us? Will they be conscious of time?

Time always brings questions, without answers. Time is whitout any certain answers. I’m not certain of that, but from the experience of our species any creature living on earth if the process of evolution leads them to have consciousness the first thing that they will do is to ask the same questions that we ask.

Time is mysterious. It’s unknowable. What is time? An infinit uncertainty. It doesn’t have a meaning. What exist doesn’t give to it any meaning. It’s us who give time a meaning.

Time is our field, we can’t escape this truth. I was thinking if we have never existed in this universe, do philosophy, math, physics, other sciences and philosophies cease to exist? I think that sciences and philosophies are what structured the univers. We discover the structure of life. The physcology exists inside the time not outside of it. Metaphysics exists inside the time, as physics maths, sociology and the others sciences and philosophies. All what can exist, exist inside the time and depending on time and nothing can exist outside the time and without the time.

Why do I evoke suicide rather than anything else. Because it’s the major problem of human beings. Hope is that total break with time and it is this submission to the illusion of eternity. It’s the act of suicide. What can eternity give to human beings? A consolidation of the suffering of being a prisoner of time. It makes us see its world without misery. The world without time.

It’s all what can I say about time. Maybe I get some clear and new ideas and I’ll be back to write in my blog with another title.



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