The Shape of Existence

I have this ardent passion to write all my dynamic thoughts, my inflamed emotions and this excited desire for life and its light.

I would like to devote these lines to life, light, and time. Time, as Goethe said, is our field. I have always wanted to escape and deny this field. Alas, that I have understood that my life is so attached to time, than hope. I thought that observing things is better than thinking. Thought gives birth to this attachment to the misery of the world.

Furthermore, we felt this attachment when we began to think of things that affected us in one way or another. We do not know the real world, the life and the universe where our story unfolds. Where our will is exercised. We take into account to know, to live and to endure in the trials of the world that our ideas experiment every day. We run and served the imaginary life of our senses.

I started with time, then I talk about life. Then let evoke light. The energy from life that makes it possible to see things. Nevertheless, the energy of life is passion and reason. let say that passion and reason are as the particles and anti-particles but in a metaphysical way or form. Light has a physical form and a metaphysical one. They aren’t separated but they link each other in ideas and thoughts, it’s us who make this link possible between the two forms.

There’re those  moments of sudden appreciation when a particular manifestation of light takes our observation far away and let us enjoy the beauty of nature as a rainbow, a sunset, a pulse of heat lightning in a dark sky, the shimmering surface of the sea at twilight, the dappled light in a forest. The more you look at the univers, the more you realize that ours lives are built around and with light, the life that we run under that equivocal stuff that formed and made vivid our existence that dates from the beginning of time. From our technology to our spiritually, we are creatures of light.

One always needs a burning passion to live. Passion brings life into us in this world. 


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