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In order to grow up your intellect, you should challenge your ideas not by confirming them. But to provoking yourself. We can’t escape the process of growing, and that one includs our thinking. We grow to understand not to memorize. We live to know not to believe.

Then I’m not certain that the form of judgement that I made is entirely true. I’m uncertain that I’m certain, I’m uncertain about the truth. I’m uncertain about the education that I recieved and I don’t take it seriously. I’m uncertain about the knowledge that I’ve. I think that there’re things beyond what I’m seeing and thinking.

Furthermore, the reality is that there’s no human being who knows perfectly what is reality? My subject isn’t about it. But I refer to it because it’s influence the process of growing. How? Why? We live in a world full of contradiction, this last one shows its fingers when we see that the true situation and the problem that actually exist in life, is in contrast to how we would like life to be. We refuse to face reality. If so, then the process of growing will encountre some struggles. What affect it affect us. The problem of our suffering come from this incomplete growing. What is growing? Reality is just what is contrast to what we imagine. How? You see and experience many things in your life as love, sex, travel, work and other things. The important point is in every time you experience you imagine things and what you imagine is in a big contrast to what you see. Let go far away by adding emotions, feelings and ideas are affected by reality and imagination and you are the battlefield. Then the growing is to be lucide to what you encounter.

Nevertheless, we want to know what is important in this process? Is it the quality or the quantity of the experience, understanding and knowledge? In this process many things will increase in us, our understanding will clear to us the path of knowledge. We’ll witness the development of our beings. Growing is the most rightfull answer to our existence, because we exist and develop in a particular way the quantity and the quality of ideas. We’ll develop and improve particular skills, as to continue growing as an artist.

Furthermore, I’m uncertain. Because I don’t believe what I’m recieving from the world. Reality is always beyond our ideas. Growing up is hard and difficult, because we cultivate ourselves in the world of our thinking. It’s too hard to be real. Imagination can’t stop painting our ideas. But I think that there’re one people who understand and live reality. They’re the artists.

Then, as I started by saying in order to grow up your intellect, and by it I mean to create the order that your intellect should develop its skills. I don’t know what the kind of skills do you prefer is it the quantity or the quality? But first you should create the order, how? This phase should include the critical thinking and lucidity. The first skill is to build an effective critical thinking. We receive many information from different sources and from them we make a judgment. What can critical thinking give to our process of growing? I’ll not go deep inside to what is critical thinking. But I give some points to clear what is it. We can derive a better understanding about what is a critical thinking how to think criticaly? From the way that we paint the world with our imagination, the analyze that we give to what we live construct our thinking, it comes from how do we reason? And that should be seen through our painting. The quality of our thinking is a primordial factor because our reasoning is based on quite pure ideas. Here I mentioned the quality of thinking rather than the quantity, because the quantity is a matter that we let to pleasure, desire and happiness. But the quality is for ideas then for our growing.

In addition, there’s the second skill is the lucidity. What is lucidity? A quite understanding of this notion will make you aware of the importance to live your life in the now. To face the events with a lucid consciousness. We face in life a randomness of events and we can’t even predict what happen next. Probability falls in this situation, it’s the end of all physical predictions. But there’s where philosophy shows its strength. Lucidity is the ability to think clearly, espicially during or after a period of illness or confusion. It seems quite right to say that we spend a whole of our life in a state of anxiety, depresion and anguish. The challenges of life put us down. For that people turn to believe in supernatural power and create myths around what they don’t understand and what they are ignorant about. One of them that there’s always hands behind what occur in our lives. Hands that you can’t see but you should believe their existence. We’re vulnerable to everything. It’s the truth. But, this vulnerability fulls us with those ideas of unworthy and meaningless of life.

People always see two options to face the absurdity of life: suicide and religion. Even if I think that religion is a philosophy who accepts and cherishes death. For that is a death philosophy and many people don’t accept death they want to live and to belong for that religion was always dropped by some people because it dies. But people forget the option of lucidity. In the faces of too many people there’s a state of suffering. In a rare lucid moment, we look at each other and smile. I want to give a lucid explanation to the importance of smile. To think with clarity and lucidity in those hard moments. We should keep that little smile in our heatrs. We can just smile to a stranger that we don’t even know to destroy this wall of sadness. The corners of your mouth turn upwards in every time you meet a stranger, this expression that you’ve on your face when you are happy. It’s just the way to save yourself from the boredom of life.

Smile is a simple act of lucidity. But you’ll ask how do we get a lucid understanding of things? Here the clarity of reason gives us a best way to deal with the illness. This last one is to accept and totally accept the situation that you’re going through. You should accept life as it is and without embracing illusions of supernatural power or a hide hands of whatever you believe in. If you believe just believe in the now. It’s obvious to say that we’re derived to fear the future. What should we accept is that we exist and we live in this miserable life as we think. But, life is so. What should we refuse is any irrational beliefs. What I want to say is that we should reject suicide and religion.

Lucidity can’t be acquired from the first practice. You should be patient to get it. Even smiling and accepting the situation can’t be easy acquired. There’s another factor we should be aware of its importance. The factor of change, but how can we change if we accept whatever happen to us? Change is the well visitor and we wait for it with a strong stillness and we welcome it with flowers in hands. But if I say that smile defeats fear, acceptance is the key of change. We want furiously to change our lives. We want from those hide hands change the course of the universe for us. But any change in the order of the universe will cause a destabilisation and end it. Life is unchanged, we must change. You’ve hands to change something, your car, house, spouse, husband, city, country, religion, job, nationality, etc. But those material change aren’t the worthy change. You need an effective change. What is it?

Effective change can give us many benefits. As I mention in the precedent paragraphes the importance of critical thinking, change is related to our thinking. Our lives are derived by the quality of our ideas. Idea is the first thing that we should change. I call it innate change. Can you observe your thoughts? What the stories they’re telling you? If you observe your thoughts and use your critical thinking you allow change to enter your thinking. If you put everything to be a subject of observance and analyze you’ll see more closely how things are and why they occur in a particular way than another one. But is we change our understanding, we’ll understand them better than we were.

In ancient times people believed in myths and they used them to explain things around them, but when people changed their minds. They don’t stay believing in those myths. Because they’re false and illusions. But they realized the importance of the intellect and they turned to the power of mind but they used it in a rational way to understand things.

Finally, we should work for life and the living, to search for answers to questions unknown, seeking to understand why things are the way they are? It’s one part of the growing. Because growing up is our all destination. To make oursevlves evolve in every step that we know something new about life. We are responsible and responsobility lies in how do we live? Is the way that we choose full our lives with what we want? Here there’s a problem of choice and responsibility. We’ve the right to choose whatever we want. In the other hand we should admit that we’re responsible for what we choose, and precisely what we will to return. Sometimes good things come with the bad things and they take them by hand. If we assum our responsibilities then I’m sure that we grow up faster and better. I should add the psychology in this article. Because growth affects our psychological life. Mind has a great and powerful impact towards our psychology. It influences our behaviour, we always think and behave in a particular way and area of life. Here if we want to go deep inside the mind we enter to the philosphy of mind. Your life is constructed by your ideas, the ones that you make.

By Mehdi.