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The Tyranny of Society

One of the furious tyrannies with which independent individuals struggle is society.  Society is built around dominance, which summarizes its failure to establish equality among its members. The independent individuals aren’t the problem, but society is the problem. Rather than being a sphere of toleration, it’s a battle field where the values of the few ones must be hold by the whole.
Who are you, so that I hold your values ​​as truth?
Why don’t you hold my value to yourself?
Do you hold truth? 
Are you sure?
People are wrong with their truth more than their errors,misdeed, and failures. The individual sees what society hides from hypocrisy and lies. For 
that it strikes him/her in their individuality trying to define for him/her some values, but society is never honest in doing so, then it makes him/her a hypocrite and a liar.

However, individuals are the linchpin of society. They carry on them values and they extend them in the discussions that they make around what they think. They are derived by their senses to think and feel. Individuals are an independent biological entities different, society is misguided in its attempt to make a totalitarian system by using a firm code of morality. Any individual will struggle with this system. He/she disbelief the values of society, then society turns against him/her. It doesn’t give them rational arguments concerning their codes. But it uses all the horrible tools to force him/her to withdraw his/her values.

I yawn when I hear about the values of society, I tried to be interested. But I hear all the erroneous judgment and that what disgust me the most. the strife begins when we challenge society. We aren’t the ennemies of society but we want a new one based on the basis of toleration and respect.

Finally, Those lines carry some truth and prejudices that I make about the situation of an individual who interrogates values, who wants to find his values in this world among the other individuals. A one who decided to honor his intellect, by giving it the power to explore the world. He believes that change comes when we start thinking differently.