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In being angry

When the windows of the chrome don’t respond I start clicking violently and hitting the mouse. I’m angry. I ask myself why I am angry. Because it doesn’t respond do you know why it doesn’t? I don’t know, but it’s a waste of time, I should finish that thing to go to another one. Do you think that anger helps you to accomplish those things, to solve some problems? You look like a stupid. Why am I angry? Is it normal? Yes, because we want the world to be as we want it to be not accepting it as it is.

We must be aware that anger is a resistance to life and the reality of things, this in the negative perspective of it. However, we can also see it as a warning to make limits to the others, to defend ourselves, our values and to be sure that none infringe the limits that we make between us and the others and never lack the respect without warning the one who disrespect us.

Anger must be taken and understood as a way to make us aware that the only thing that we can change is our ideas about what is the world and what should it be? We must consider it neither bad nor good, but anger something that we should understand and learn about and in the highest side something to overcome and to be what should we become.

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Beauty, Freedom, Get Inspire, Growing, Happiness, Idea, Imagination, Inspirational, Intuition, Joy, Life, Mind, Motivational, Observance, Philosophy, Power of Positive Thinking, Responsibility, Thought, Time, Trust

Freedom is all the possibilities in our hands

We tend to practice our freedom in one of the most known concept for all people. Life is mostly the sum of all the choices and decisions that we made. Past choices are highly affecting who we are now. Maybe we regret taking some of as we don’t take other ones. Why do we regret? We see them now wrong and unwise. If it’s so, then we build the self around wrong understanding and unexamined ideas. But we know how to fix it, by making other choices.

I take a choice in my past and then now I live in the consequences of that choice. If I see it now wrong and unwise then why did I see it right in my past? Then, I look back to understand why did I take this choice what was the motif that leaded me to take this choice? That it’s argument now is wrong but it was right and necessary to choose that thing among all the possible things.

We choose out of a partial understanding, that events of our life and the life of the others, their thinking and our own, it’s our interpretation of human experience whatever who experience affects strongly our choices. We choose out of a deep ignorance of what the thing that we choose is really and things that we don’t choose them. Can we choose more rationally? Why do we choose? How do we choose? We choose something more because we want to prove our freedom, we are free and choosing is the best exercise to satisfy this feeling and to avoid suffering and the errors that the other ones have did. Choosing makes us, a wise being about suffering and errors and we learn to be wise from the experiences of the others and getting better understanding about how to live? Nevertheless, we choose according to our ethics, values and principles enter in our choices they are our reference and how do we interpret the experience of the others.

We also choose to improve ourselves, to say that we exist, to make a statement and to be someone. We choose to fulfill ourselves, choosing direct us more and more to who we are, what can we be? Choices assert ourselves, make us present and in control of our thoughts and feelings. When it seems that we made a wrong choice, we shouldn’t be upset or depressed. But instead the wrong among them are the best to make us look more realistic about who are we?

But, in the other hands choosing limits the possibilities of the things that we don’t choose. When we choose something, we close the other possibilities and we forbid ourselves from the knowledge and understanding if our life takes another way than that the one we choose. Then, we should always letting the door opened and choosing not taking a choice that close and collapse our ideas. Choice hasn’t just the advantages things as freedom but there’re other inconvenient. Collapsing our ideas, will affect badly the adjacent possible and then our capacity to learn and create.

We must understand that sometimes not choosing anything is letting our ideas expanding and the adjacent possible will work. The new ideas come and huge transformation will make us new. Not choosing is choosing letting our brains learn new things and updating new ideas to its imagination. The rational choice is the one who fulfill our understanding and make us free in the positive way.

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We become

Many people believe that they are born with special gifts from nature, a natural born mathematician, philosopher and whatever they say. In fact there’s no such thing as natural gift, it’s all about human attitude and perseverance to overcome misery and suffering and the will to power, it’s a matter of cognition and brain working and how to use it to understand your brain and its process in the modern sense of cognitive and brain theory.

I struggle to understand mathematics, I struggle in my work, I struggle in riding my bicycle, and I struggle in anything I do it, or anything I want it. You want to know me, then you should to know my struggles and that I’m struggling to overcome them. You look at the others and you think that they never struggle, this is a fallacy of thinking this perspective of failure and success leads us to nowhere, we’ll do nothing and we stay in our comfort zone. You say about them: “they are geniuses, they don’t struggle, and they come up with solutions.“ If it’s true, then those people aren’t doing anything to overcome the difficulties of life, they stay holding this faith in their religious of comfortableness. They are the lesser, the weak and afraid from the world. The higher being climbs the dangerous mountain and sees the world from its top and breathing the fresh air. They understand the benefits of abandoning the comfort for the fulfillment.

You become a mathematician, philosopher, scientist, superhuman, engineer, artist, singer, poet and whatever you want to be. You are the designer of that fluid self that we call it WHO I AM. The question is how do we become? You may say we live in a deterministic world and unchangeable. You believe in that, I beg you to look at the world of now, it’s our own creation our tools, or children run this globe. They grow up rapidly and take this world they’ll inherit the world. Then, we build another world and we move to inhabit this world. There’s no deterministic world, we are moving now to become one with our tools.

Can we use technology to become who we are and to overcome the suffering? Technology is a mean to understand better the world, in every updating by adding new ideas to the world, we transform ourselves and it. In every update we think differently what is the purpose now? It’s different from the past one; we don’t want to abolish suffering but to fulfill life inside overcoming because difficulties are related to the overcome. In every time we find a solution, new difficulties occur to us to overcome it and that process goes like that.

We become not just by overcoming but also by calling new challenges to our life, new difficulties means new update to who we are. Human beings can’t fulfill life if s/he doesn’t engage with it, by controlling thoughts and emotions. Because we are moved more by our passions than reason. I can’t forget the role of passion in moving us toward what we want to be. Mixing passion, mind and technology are all our tools and means to fulfillment

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Poetry is technology; it creates a loop between what we behold and our minds.

Poets see the whole in the tiniest things in the universe. William Blake has a vision widely than anyone, Goethe the most fabulous poet of humanity and Matoub Lounes may you don’t know who he is, a poet, a singer, a musician, and defender of human rights. We can just sum them in a great artist. He was courageous, noble, honest, wise and tolerant. Poets are people who fit the universe, emotions, passions, desires, and thoughts in verses, in words. They give what they behold a meaning; they become one with what they behold. They heal us by their poems, they understand us by giving us some signs to understand the wisdom of life, they are philosophizing through poems, and they are the greatest linguistic creator of world, then giving the world more and more meaning.

They give things that we are turned off of them to look at them learn and understand. Poets sometimes surpass their time and the thinking of people. Having a wise and well vision wide and comprehensive of what is the world and going beyond what it is. They deserve to sit with Socrates and Seneca as philosophies shape our thoughts after illustrations, poems shape our thoughts rapidly with more admiration and keeping them as wisdom and practicing them. Poems don’t stay in their grammatical form but they surpass and shape the world through human experience. We understand poets more than philosophers because they stick to people, however they’ll not be understood from the first time and maybe they’ll be persecuted for their cause, visions and the new ideas that they carry.

They never give up and they find a way to overcome, they aren’t afraid from difficulties they know what is the purpose of human being is to overcome, they understand this existential crisis that humanity should rage as Dylan Thomas says “do not go gentle into that good night, rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Poets call us to challenge our beliefs as philosophers to think critically and to appreciate life. They are higher beings; they climb the dangerous mountains and challenge human conditions. They accept suffering and they overcome all these difficulties by poems. Matoub Lounes is the poet who overcomes difficulties by poems, his calls is to be who we are, to strife to be who we are he reminds us to what is valuable in our life, freedom, life, toleration and happiness. Poems are the best to remind us to our humanity to overcome the darkness and to rage against death it’s all about to notice the beauty and the magic of the world. To let the beauty heals us in its linguistic form, not suppress the suffering but to live in the suffering to be super versions of ourselves.

Matoub Lounes is also a singer and musician. The power of music is that it touches our souls. Jason Silva says music makes room for our pain. It heals us, listening to music is a therapy, because we are all full of pain. Music comes to heals us, with its beautiful lyrics and rhythms. People like to lose themselves with the signals, being a poet and musician joining the two arts of words and signals is the greatest creative art, going inside the minds and taking the selves of many people and becoming one with the whole. We become one with the singer that we listen to him/her. We engaged with him/her in their emotions and thoughts. We rage and cry because we aren’t sad but it’s so beautiful, we cry because it’s beautiful as Alain de Botton says.

Blake and Matoub are in the eternity, maybe they meet each other, writing poems about eternity and we can’t read their poems about it. But there all our best poets enjoy it, letting to the new poets to rise up to add new ideas, to update the poems, to heal us and to overcome existing difficulties. To understand the wisdom of life, few poets do and few people understand them.

Poets burn our hearts of enthusiasm, love and passion and because they follow their passion, they overcome the hard moments and situations, seeking not to end the suffering but looking for new difficulties to be higher than they were.

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The Miss

We mess many important things to appreciate them, to enjoy them and to see them. We worry more about other things that never contribute really and healthy in making us higher and who we are. Why don’t we move away from what retain us from being who we are? What is matter in keeping living with these stuffs? They don’t even make us happy and we think that they contribute in building our happiness.

What we miss the most is the “NOTICE” noticing the magic of life, to see the world the vastly universe in the smallest things, in the atoms and in the tiniest things that the quantum theory reveals to us. Yes, we can see the universe in the smallest particles, and we can hold that in the present moment, if we do so we enjoy holding eternity in our hands.

What can we understand from this? We are the bridge between infinity and finite, between the tiniest things and the largest one, between time and eternity. We are bridges between these realms where we wonder and live. We shouldn’t miss them; I don’t calling you to have optimistic views about life, but struggle in that pessimism to appreciate really and fully the magic of life.

You have technology which is a part of you; it’s under your skin. Use it to appreciate life to see the largest in the smallest. These tools dovetail to us by updating our minds and our minds update them. You’ve all the tools to enjoy the magic of life.


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Cultivate difficulties

We wish if life is a simple and full of joy, an endless joy where there’s no pain at all. What is the true fulfillment? For us, and what we used to think is to fight suffering end it and abolishing pain that what the heroes attempt to achieve. What we welcome is just the illusions of happiness and joy that don’t exist at all. Look at what is real.

Life is made by struggle and those who escape sorrow, by hiding themselves, taking drugs and drinking are the lesser humans. The greatness is reached by struggling and cultivating difficulties, the wisdom lies in the overcoming the challenges of life. To be intellectually disciplined to see life differently and to know that there’s no gifted abilities. We acquire wisdom and greatness.

Happiness is impossible to be cultivated in the way which we used to think is the right, as our daily behavior. See just how many times you imagine yourself happy and you are achieving things making you happy but you don’t feel satisfied but there’s something unfound, we feel empty.

Never count how many times you’d successes, but turn your mind to how many times you’ve failed, failure is horrible and terrify us, we learn to be successful and to award the successful people as the best example to follow, and what about the failed ones? We must be willing to fail; fail is the path to success. Unsuccessful people have many things to teach us, to continue their path and approach to the truth, by participating all of us in this greatest search for the truth.

Cultivate difficulties, you become great Gardner not by escaping them, but by cultivate the routes that seem ugly to grow out of them a beautiful plant. We shouldn’t want things to be not difficult to get them, we should be honest and honest is one of the qualities of the Gardner, the small people want things to be easy they don’t strife and they think that they get what they want and they never think that the easy corrupts the souls and enhance jalousie and hatred among people, especial those who will it.


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Life never changes its movements

Tell me that this day is another routine that you add to your boring life, that what you used to think. The same sun rising and falling routine isn’t it? The higher human tells another story, s/he fulfills this day, because s/he understands what life is about. After, they were struggling in this comfort of easy and simple assumptions.

In the end of the day the higher humans stands in front of the sunset experiencing with it the most important and needful thoughts and feelings. They try hardly to bring back the day, the visions and moments and they understand what life is about. It’s about understanding the magic of life and appreciating it. Not by try to change the course of the sun, but to see the sun to overcome the comfort zone and to change the eyes of the beholders, to become one with the sun.

 As I do I try to bring back all the thoughts and moments but the past that we dispose isn’t the real one but the one made by our thoughts. There’s no perfect past, just memories made by thoughts to use them as stock of information, a kind of imperfect knowledge and for that we need to experience again something to understand it clearly.

Then, we must work to de condition our thinking. We occupy ourselves seeking answers that what condition our thinking and stop creativity. But the truth is all about finding the right questions. The magic of life isn’t easy to be understood by opinions and beliefs, no but it’s a matter of research and seeking with perseverance which only a few people can take and stay in the path.