Human rights become more and more vital to humanity. Despite the fact that not all states and societies respect them, individuals still struggling and fighting for their rights. Some treaties were signed more than half of century, but they still none applied. People fight for the rights that the universal declaration of human rights specified in 1948. Why is that still happening?

What do you think about human rights? Are they important? Why are they controversial? What do you know about general and special human rights? How do political philosophers, sociologists, and ordinary people define, interpret and see human rights? Are they for everyone? Are the international intervention in societies and states that don’t respect human rights is legitimate? What is better to stop the infringements of human rights, with the use of violence, sanctions or juridical pursuit?

We ask ourselves, why do humans like us crush us? Why do they destroy life? They enslave us, people die and you see them killed in a terrifying way, shocking the minds and tormenting the hearts. The reign of terror destroys this planet and we must heal ourselves from this terror. People revolt and if they slip to a armed revolutions, because they think that there’re no other ways than dealing with brutality with brutality. Brutality never ends the existing brutality. We must think and see at the other options. We can change the world by the pacifist protestation and guns still an option. But the armed revolution needs people aware that the guns that they hold in their hands aren’t the real solution

The real solution is the peaceful fight and the supporting of those individuals in many and different societies struggling to be who they are. Ideas are free and nothing can restrict them. Traditions, religions, ideologies and states are just ideas and they can be changed for the purpose of people. We can’t just hold some kind of ideas and prevent people to adhere other ideas. Ideas are free and they still accessible for all people.

Human rights are universal project, human beings those ordinary people are the super-heroes because of them, there’s human race on earth. A world without them is a world without us, all of us.

Humanity is ill. People armed with life, free minds and hope. We can’t forget the huge love for their families and friends. Human being poses a powerful trans-formative tool, MIND. We can imagine a better world, therefore it becomes. I tear up because the story is full of love in a desperate world, where you face tyrannical system directed by humans like you to crush you. Insanity. They crush people to survive. They want to steal their lives and freedom. But, nothing can stop a human being from living, loving, struggling and hopping because we are free, we can imagine a better world therefore it becomes. Keep imagining because you become what you imagine. I design therefore I become.

The world is in need for more and more higher spirits, the ones who struggle to know what is happiness the ones who make the world a better place to live. Just, keeping this race alive to appreciate the magic of life. Human beings are free, and they don’t ask anybody for their freedom. They are free in their minds and they can fly in their imagination. The insanity of the ill can’t destroy what is gifted by nature.

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