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Is prosperity possible ?

People think themselves higher than other ones because they belong to the right side, having the true ideology and come from the highest race, the chosen nation commanded from God to spread his universal message not with enlightening people but turning the world to a bloody place where die rips people. Racism makes people stupid and criminals. The confederation in the south of the US, Saddam Hussein against the Kurds, the Turkish state against Kurds, Ottoman empire against the Armenians, South Africa, Rwanda, former Yugoslavia. And the list goes on. All those who I invoke were where people of the other ethnicity suffer from brutalities. It’s not the time to hope but to fight against racism and racial discrimination. If you think that Hitler is died, no it’s alive and there’re many Hitlers around the world. Nazism is the real threat to the prosperity and the peaceful sharing of culture between people. The world now, of democracy allow the sharing of information with the use of sophisticated technologies and bring people together. If Nazism wins the world will be destroyed and we’ll back to the ages of darkness.

You are a different person. We’re all different for each other characterized by a specific language, tradition, clothes, and thinking. Many of us wonder to know and meet people from other culture, many people change their culture and adapt a new one. People want the new, a new ideas and something that get them out from the comfort of their established culture where they live. They want to try something new and that helpful because they use their critical thinking by asking and challenging their thinking and their society.

You speak a language unknown by many people.
You’ve a belief different than of the one of your society.
You’ve political opinions different than the one of your state.
You’ve new ideas that you bring them to the world.
Then, that’s what matter. You’re different, you are someone, and you are the change.

A check to your morality. Never give a support for those who kill people and terrify them in the name of their ideologies. Your ideology concerns you not the others. You think, I think and we think. All of us think and we’ve then different ideas. We share our different ideas, we’re humans and not wise. Who is in need for human wisdom? We’re not wise to judge the others to be unwise. You’ve nothing to teach the others, you can think. Thinking is existing and existing is giving a meaning to life. My meaning isn’t like your one, but it’s different and distinguished because I’m thinking and working on it. Life is for everyone.

Killing people because they oppose you is not the problem of day, there’s the story of the brother that killed his own brother, from that day, and we kill each other for everything we can’t fix it. It’s incarnated in our gene.

Many politicians, states, regimes and governments haven’t any legitimacy among their people. People meet each other and share their ideas and cultures. What people want and politicians and those who have thirst for power act in the opposite direction of the will of people. We will have prosperity when we have legitimate regimes and politicians respectful for human dignity and toleration that people build in their sharing of ideas as intoleration but people can overcome this difficulties peacefully if politicians stop from minding themselves for their narrow interest.

We need new politicians who understand what people need, not telling people in what they should think. We need politicians who hear the voice of people, that people want a constant change their ideas aren’t stable they change them by adding them to the oldest ones. If those politicians stay thinking and acting for their narrow interests we’ll see more conflicts and wars and because they can’t make the difference between and armed conflict and a political opposition we’ll be doomed. My only hope is just in those individuals ordinary people who bring change by their daily challenges and their will to transform their lives and the world.


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