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Poetry is technology; it creates a loop between what we behold and our minds.

Poets see the whole in the tiniest things in the universe. William Blake has a vision widely than anyone, Goethe the most fabulous poet of humanity and Matoub Lounes may you don’t know who he is, a poet, a singer, a musician, and defender of human rights. We can just sum them in a great artist. He was courageous, noble, honest, wise and tolerant. Poets are people who fit the universe, emotions, passions, desires, and thoughts in verses, in words. They give what they behold a meaning; they become one with what they behold. They heal us by their poems, they understand us by giving us some signs to understand the wisdom of life, they are philosophizing through poems, and they are the greatest linguistic creator of world, then giving the world more and more meaning.

They give things that we are turned off of them to look at them learn and understand. Poets sometimes surpass their time and the thinking of people. Having a wise and well vision wide and comprehensive of what is the world and going beyond what it is. They deserve to sit with Socrates and Seneca as philosophies shape our thoughts after illustrations, poems shape our thoughts rapidly with more admiration and keeping them as wisdom and practicing them. Poems don’t stay in their grammatical form but they surpass and shape the world through human experience. We understand poets more than philosophers because they stick to people, however they’ll not be understood from the first time and maybe they’ll be persecuted for their cause, visions and the new ideas that they carry.

They never give up and they find a way to overcome, they aren’t afraid from difficulties they know what is the purpose of human being is to overcome, they understand this existential crisis that humanity should rage as Dylan Thomas says “do not go gentle into that good night, rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Poets call us to challenge our beliefs as philosophers to think critically and to appreciate life. They are higher beings; they climb the dangerous mountains and challenge human conditions. They accept suffering and they overcome all these difficulties by poems. Matoub Lounes is the poet who overcomes difficulties by poems, his calls is to be who we are, to strife to be who we are he reminds us to what is valuable in our life, freedom, life, toleration and happiness. Poems are the best to remind us to our humanity to overcome the darkness and to rage against death it’s all about to notice the beauty and the magic of the world. To let the beauty heals us in its linguistic form, not suppress the suffering but to live in the suffering to be super versions of ourselves.

Matoub Lounes is also a singer and musician. The power of music is that it touches our souls. Jason Silva says music makes room for our pain. It heals us, listening to music is a therapy, because we are all full of pain. Music comes to heals us, with its beautiful lyrics and rhythms. People like to lose themselves with the signals, being a poet and musician joining the two arts of words and signals is the greatest creative art, going inside the minds and taking the selves of many people and becoming one with the whole. We become one with the singer that we listen to him/her. We engaged with him/her in their emotions and thoughts. We rage and cry because we aren’t sad but it’s so beautiful, we cry because it’s beautiful as Alain de Botton says.

Blake and Matoub are in the eternity, maybe they meet each other, writing poems about eternity and we can’t read their poems about it. But there all our best poets enjoy it, letting to the new poets to rise up to add new ideas, to update the poems, to heal us and to overcome existing difficulties. To understand the wisdom of life, few poets do and few people understand them.

Poets burn our hearts of enthusiasm, love and passion and because they follow their passion, they overcome the hard moments and situations, seeking not to end the suffering but looking for new difficulties to be higher than they were.

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The New Eye

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust.

That reminds me of the sights of fields and mountains that I saw in everyday I went to work. They are the same sights. There’s no change. They stay here, from billions of years, the same cycle and they’re not tired from that. The routine of nature isn’t like our own, it’s magic.

The light goes through your eyes to awaken the mind to the beauty, we cry not because we’re sad but we cry because it’s beautiful. Eyes fit the universe the sight and mind combines the image and sound to make a video a memory generating all the past moments imperfectly but makes us aware of the magic of life.

There’s no change, until I come up to this beautiful and wise quote. I seek to change my eyes to appreciate the sight, no matter how many times I see it. Beauty heals us. You become one with what you behold. When you walk or run in the field, lose yourself in the field, to be one with the flowers. If you love climbing mountain and you practice that a lot, lose yourself and become one with the mountain. If you love surfing, become one with your board with the beach and the sea, behold and become one with the wave.

The beauty enters from the eye, the eye is the door that you let yourself goes out, to lose it in what you behold. To become one with the sight. What we need is to change our ideas, new ideas to borrow some new ideas from the others, how by losing the self with the other, with what we behold. We must remix, refine and recombine the existed concepts in our life. First we must explore the area of our existed ideas and then evolving them, the Adjacent Possible. The new idea is adjacent to the existed idea. This is the adjacent possible this process is something that we live inside it and we go farther and farther into our ideas, to inhabit the world of our ideas. We build the map of our world by the adjacent possible.

We change our ideas and we keep doing that constantly we’ll see and enjoy the magic of life. We’re the only creature capable of change. Let see the world differently. I see in my life many sights; some of them take my eyes. There’s a wonderful diversity in nature. I see the sea and get touch with it and I traveled to the desert and get touch with it. I try hard to bring back these experiences with the physical world; I try to paint them to fit them in poetry. May that awaken in me the artist? May be, then take care about yourself, change never miss any opportunity life isn’t luck. You become one with what you behold.


Art, Beauty, Culture, Dream, Emotion, Feeling, Freedom, Get Inspire, Growing, Happiness, Heart, Idea, Imagination, Inspirational, Intuition, Joy, Life, Love, Mind, Motivational, Observance, Philosophy, Poem, Power of Positive Thinking, Responsibility, Smile, Sorrow, Thought, Time, Trust

More and More

Whatever we do, whatever the tasks we set and stick to them. We can’t full up the needs. An addiction to more, we are the addicted creature. The more, yes because we are curious we need signification and to extend our minds inside out. More art and more poetry, we have a thirst to meaning. We want to full up the signification, as we call it the meaning by more and more knowledge, desire, fulfillment and creativity. You feel that your need more love, more sex, and more tenderness. Just to full up the signification of eroticism and romantic love what save us from death and the meaningless of life.

We want more time and more freedom to achieve things, we use to complain that time goes fast and we aren’t free to do what we want to do. More justice and more security to feel safe, we see that the world is a house of terror and horror and we want to be safe.

There are more and more things that we want more and more of them.

If the world becomes meaningful, let say that we make the last piece of the world out of meaningless, a world of our own creation will be there that more and more? Will be the end of creativity?