The Shape of Existence

I have this ardent passion to write all my dynamic thoughts, my inflamed emotions and this excited desire for life and its light. I would like to devote these lines to life, light, and time. Time, as Goethe said, is our field. I have always wanted to escape and deny this field. Alas, that I have understood that my life is so attached to time, than hope. I thought that observing things is better than thinking. Thought gives birth to this attachment to the misery of the world. Furthermore, we felt this attachment when we began to think of things … Continue reading The Shape of Existence

How I see life?

In my way to home, I was thinking after a long day of working about life and its simplicity and how human being complicated it in my way I saw all the beauty of nature and what the forces of … Continue reading How I see life?

When Science explains everything.

When science explains everything, I think that two things participate strongly in the process of evolution the first is Entropy, and the second is Quantum theory. Can quantum theory explains the mysteries of the universe? Can scientists explain quantum theory to … Continue reading When Science explains everything.

No good neither bad

I don’t think that any day will pass entirely good neither bad, but as in the quantum level there’re quarks and anti-quarks run this universe from the beginning until our days and for ever making an equilibrium inside it. There’re no bad or good days there’s life should be took as it is. When I’m sad I live and when I’m good I live I live no matter what happen to me then I content to live and to tame things that I love and teach me something. We have a responsibility towards life. Continue reading No good neither bad

Don’t Be frightened

We are confused because we always want to understand all the things around us, and to control everything. This attempt to control all the things that happen to us and even those that have not even to happen. Why can’t … Continue reading Don’t Be frightened

Reach the stars

We want to reach the stars but that is impossible because they are far away from us a billion of light years, It’s seemed impossible to reach them. A wonderful story that I’d read its title is : the little prince a work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry the little prince lives in the asteroid B612, what I love in the little prince that he takes life simple and without any complications, he wants a ship a flower a simple thinks he understands  better than the adults the meaning of life in the simplicity of life itself, it takes life as it … Continue reading Reach the stars

Evolution of Mind

I hear sometimes from people that they need to make a revolution to change things, but in reality they make a destruction to their being and nature. We must learn from nature the best thing that we need in reality, the evolution, birds and others species were evolved through billions years to be in this form, and maybe will find others ones. Life is in constant evolution, we must learn and create our own, this is why we exist for. Think just one time about the process of evolution that the universe taken from its beginning until our time, after … Continue reading Evolution of Mind

There’s no God

We dislike to hear the truth but we always pretend that we fight on the sake of the truth. We fight against the truth, and we take up a sword that we oblige the others to fight in the sake of it, we force them to believe that our truth is justice and on it there’s our salvation. What is wrong with our justice? I ask. I ask you what is wrong with our morality that we pretend to safe us from our desire and pleasure. Morality is unfairness because it abolishes our own nature. Why we hate to be in our … Continue reading There’s no God

Supernova (A Star Is Born) (Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature)

The Great Red Giant could no longer bear The forces of fission held within its care Collected fuels over such a great time A load too heavy, and fusion too prime So far beneath its plasmatic sea The forces of … Continue reading Supernova (A Star Is Born) (Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature)

Experiencing Life

About life there’s a good point that I understand it. Why not be content with simply to experiencing it? Our mind will expand if we surrender to all what life puts us on it, through all what we experience there’re a … Continue reading Experiencing Life