In order to grow up your intellect, you should challenge your ideas not by confirming them. But to provoking yourself. We can’t escape the process of growing, and that one includs our thinking. We grow to understand not to memorize. We live to know not to believe. Then I’m not certain that the form of judgement that I made is entirely true. I’m uncertain that I’m certain, I’m uncertain about the truth. I’m uncertain about the education that I recieved and I don’t take it seriously. I’m uncertain about the knowledge that I’ve. I think that there’re things beyond what … Continue reading Growing

The Stranger, Memory and Knowledge

Albert Camus shows in the Stranger the superman of Nietzsche, a being who stands in front of the absurdity of life and he rejects any conversion to God or a irrational beliefs. That is what Camus wants from every human being.  The Stranger is a revolt being. The Stranger doesn’t seek to be eternal but he insists to be present and living fully. Neither death, nor the pain that the misery we carry can stop us from rolling the great spherical rock to the top of the mountain. The true life is where there are risks, dangers, miseries, suffering, injustice, … Continue reading The Stranger, Memory and Knowledge

Absurdity of life.

I will write these unanswered questions as they pass through my life. I have always sought answers, and I want them furiously. I always sought a meaning to my life until this confrontation with the absurdity. The manifestation of the absurd … Continue reading Absurdity of life.

Peace of mind

One day my sister says that the only thing that I want is my peace of mind. Nothing else, nothing more. Peace of mind all of us we want it, through it we find the harmony to live in accordance with … Continue reading Peace of mind

Let take those simple things

What  matter is that we existe, take care of yourself, live with yourself. Let things go, and life will show who you are. the way that you treat the others shows who you are. I don’t care if someone loves me or not, but I don’t let anyone insulte me, I love myself with all my defaults and qualities. In life learn to accepte what you dislike, and how to flow with the water of the river. In life observe everything, don’t seek happiness, create it. Happiness and sadness are alike. What count is your life, enjoy the present moment and let what … Continue reading Let take those simple things

I wonder to know

The basic questions of human beings, you probably ask yourself too many questions but there’re two basic questions: What is life? Who I am? What is life? Its form, what constitute life? Where did life come from? The origin of life and the substance who constitute life as particles, atoms and others. Is life eternal? Is it limited by time as we are? What is eternity? What is time? What is love? What is happiness? What is freedom? What is soul? What is conscience? Who I am? Where did I come from? Why I’m alive? What is the meaning of life? … Continue reading I wonder to know


Believers seek the grace of their Gods, to free them, forgive them and bless them from their faults against him, and their sins. We sine and we recognize our sins because we regret that we did them. For me I think that Blaise Pascal understood that human being is all his/her life between two sides innocence and corruption, a sin is just an offence against Gods and a sort of corruption. To be free from this corruption we worship Gods to help us in doing so, they make some lovely sings, ideas and appeals to believe in their Gods, from those ideas … Continue reading Salvation

Separation (Politics and Religion)

Religiosity is a sort of hypocrisy, and people are attached to religion because they can’t find an answer to their question, they can’t take a lesson from their struggles for that they run to religion. In respect all the believers but I’ve the right to write and talk about whatever I observe in my life that is wrong or right, for me the important thing is to make some of our thinking clear and understandable. I find that is the biggest worst thing thing that people do when they ignore all the corruption that our governors make all the days and we take guard against some … Continue reading Separation (Politics and Religion)

Why we fall in love?

I’ll respond to this question with my proper experience, and what I’d seen in the life of the others, why we fall in love? Why  we need love? The best thing that we can do in our life, to put … Continue reading Why we fall in love?


Vision is having a plan to accomplish, it comes from what we observe in life and what we want and what is the best plan to accomplish our aims? Yes, we’ve a lot of plans because we see, feel, imagine, … Continue reading Vision