Happiness theory and practice

It is always said, that happiness is a quest, and its this well translated into our life. We are ready to go to the end of the world to find our happiness, when life comes to us we see that our true happiness lies only with us. Happiness is the force that moves the world. The will to live is a force of happiness, one of these strengths as love to live. We can not appreciate the happiness of living if we do not make a long journey to his quest. The three lights of life need a motive:    1- … Continue reading Happiness theory and practice


Living. When I’m thinking of love I just see this cloud that passes in that moment that someone should first of all to love himself and honor life through this love, accord yourself love and you don’t miss it. If … Continue reading Living

Life belongs to us

Absolutely, life belongs to us…we think that our job is the only thing that matter because it earns us money, but we live not only to earn money, but to be with people who we love. He/she wants to live … Continue reading Life belongs to us

Rights and Equality For Women.

Rights and freedom for women stop at the stigmatization of women’s rights. They suffer around the world rap, sexual harassment, sexual slave, war booty, violence and many other injustices. It is not difficult to recognize the role of women in society; they are mothers, sisters, colleagues, friends, lovers of our lives, our daughters and our wives.  When man has not been able to understand woman, he oppresses her, because of his limited thinking and his division of life we do injustices. Let women enjoy their happiness without persecution or even though it is dictated by other people. How many women suffer … Continue reading Rights and Equality For Women.

We Smile

Smile is a universal language that everyone understands. It only takes a smile to change a life. We are friendly to those who smile at us. Because it turns bad weather that happens at a sunny moment by happiness. Happiness … Continue reading We Smile


Taking time, listening without judgment just be a space of humility and tenderness, a place of freedom to be. Let the moment cross us to friendship, to love. Opening to others and giving them importance is paramount, sometimes a look, … Continue reading Listen


Knowing the self, be your best friend the companion of your life love you trust yourself. On the road to inner happiness, share the most beautiful moments of your life. Self-interest and to be selfish isn’t a bad thing, to think for yourself is to explore the creator that exist inside you, you are a creator of the world. Our world is our creation, we are seekers to understand the mysteries to explore our lives, universe and what life dares. Think for yourself, for your being, you are a creator, you are an artist. Augment your perception truly what we create creates us in return. … Continue reading Self

I Learn From Life : Avoid negative people

Refuse to play the games of negative people by pitying them or trying to find solutions to their problems, because basically the solutions, they do not want them. Avoid negative people: they always have a problem for each solution. Surround yourself with people who make your oxygen better and who will advance every day more. Continue reading I Learn From Life : Avoid negative people

5 Ways to Be Happier Every Day

See more in : https://www.powerofpositivity.com/happiness-things-you-need-to-know/ Continue reading 5 Ways to Be Happier Every Day