Rights and Equality For Women.

Rights and freedom for women stop at the stigmatization of women’s rights. They suffer around the world rap, sexual harassment, sexual slave, war booty, violence and many other injustices. It is not difficult to recognize the role of women in society; they are mothers, sisters, colleagues, friends, lovers of our lives, our daughters and our wives.  When man has not been able to understand woman, he oppresses her, because of his limited thinking and his division of life we do injustices. Let women enjoy their happiness without persecution or even though it is dictated by other people. How many women suffer … Continue reading Rights and Equality For Women.

Happiness Against Tyranny

My writing are just a random thoughts, I write it because I feel a greatest need to express my thoughts through what I write. Politics is the best way to change the world. I know that so many people have a negative idea about it. My definition to politics is the power to change things, for that we do to change. The power that people give to their government to change their life to the better, by creating new opportunities to people. The political authority comes from the will of people not from the will of government or state.  We’ve people … Continue reading Happiness Against Tyranny

Trust yourself

The being who has confidence in himself/herself knows that at any moment of his/her life he/she can return to himself/herself to recharge himself/herself. He/She can return to himself/herself to nourish himself/herself with his/her strengths, convictions and values. For it is only when his/her foundations are solid that he/she can safely lay his/her house on the path of life. Continue reading Trust yourself

Equality and Toleration.

Human rights are a matter of justice, defending them is an obligation to everyone, to challenge the authorities of those states who don’t respect their citizens, by violating their rights. Human rights have a greatest moral weight. Our world is divided by the multiculturalism of its societies, but those societies aren’t equal there’re some societies who suffer from authoritarian tyrannical policies of their rulers, or they suffer from their traditions and customs,  that put them in a deep ignorance. The inequality between humans is a reality that we can’t escape, there’re too many of inequalities, let talk about the negative inequalities as education, … Continue reading Equality and Toleration.

Question your Truths

we’d been educated from childhood to believe firmly and to not question what the teachers taught us in religion, even our parents demanded from us to devote our lives in worshiping God, because what has God is better than this life. They didn’t teach us to love life, to be alive to pursue our dreams but to keep the custom of our ancestors. When the children see their parents worshiping Gods and prey they ask them about what they do? And sometimes they copy them. Parents tell their children to be afraid from Gods and his punishment. But the children ask : … Continue reading Question your Truths


Believers seek the grace of their Gods, to free them, forgive them and bless them from their faults against him, and their sins. We sine and we recognize our sins because we regret that we did them. For me I think that Blaise Pascal understood that human being is all his/her life between two sides innocence and corruption, a sin is just an offence against Gods and a sort of corruption. To be free from this corruption we worship Gods to help us in doing so, they make some lovely sings, ideas and appeals to believe in their Gods, from those ideas … Continue reading Salvation

Five Political Ideologies

Our world had seen too many political ideologies, some of them had disappear and other ones still until our days as  LIBERALISM and INDIVIDUALISM, I’m liberal and Individualist, I don’t see a great difference between the two. I’ll argue for the two political ideologies, because I see in them a greatest respect for human life and will, liberalism is the respect for human being and individualism is that each individual pursues his/her will freely without any harm from anyone or anything. The two work because they concentrate their political views in the laws that rule the political power and legislation, not like … Continue reading Five Political Ideologies

Separation (Politics and Religion)

Religiosity is a sort of hypocrisy, and people are attached to religion because they can’t find an answer to their question, they can’t take a lesson from their struggles for that they run to religion. In respect all the believers but I’ve the right to write and talk about whatever I observe in my life that is wrong or right, for me the important thing is to make some of our thinking clear and understandable. I find that is the biggest worst thing thing that people do when they ignore all the corruption that our governors make all the days and we take guard against some … Continue reading Separation (Politics and Religion)

Intelligent laws makes a better world

Laws need application, the political disorder that we see in our world comes from the non application of the laws that were made by some intelligent people, wise and rational. Corruption that our world suffer from it, and kill every hope to change our life to the best. The aim of laws is to protect the rights, freedom and properties of every citizen. They need application and trust. Justice comes through patient, reclamation of rights, declaration of the corruption in the country. Justice needs our trust, this confidence must be in the laws that rule our life. If I claim my rights, … Continue reading Intelligent laws makes a better world


It’s not just the first time that I write about it, but you know when you want to make a decision and a voice inside tells you about the imaginary consequences of acting when you take this decision you tell it:”I’M FREE TO DO WHATEVER I WANT”. And we use to say that to all the people that oppose to us when we want to do things that we see and think are good for us. Freedom is the eyes of observation, and it the sword of courage. Valuable among people and in politics is the basic and  fondamental right that … Continue reading Freedom