Happiness theory and practice

It is always said, that happiness is a quest, and its this well translated into our life. We are ready to go to the end of the world to find our happiness, when life comes to us we see that our true happiness lies only with us. Happiness is the force that moves the world. The will to live is a force of happiness, one of these strengths as love to live. We can not appreciate the happiness of living if we do not make a long journey to his quest. The three lights of life need a motive:    1- … Continue reading Happiness theory and practice


In order to grow up your intellect, you should challenge your ideas not by confirming them. But to provoking yourself. We can’t escape the process of growing, and that one includs our thinking. We grow to understand not to memorize. We live to know not to believe. Then I’m not certain that the form of judgement that I made is entirely true. I’m uncertain that I’m certain, I’m uncertain about the truth. I’m uncertain about the education that I recieved and I don’t take it seriously. I’m uncertain about the knowledge that I’ve. I think that there’re things beyond what … Continue reading Growing

The Stranger, Memory and Knowledge

Albert Camus shows in the Stranger the superman of Nietzsche, a being who stands in front of the absurdity of life and he rejects any conversion to God or a irrational beliefs. That is what Camus wants from every human being.  The Stranger is a revolt being. The Stranger doesn’t seek to be eternal but he insists to be present and living fully. Neither death, nor the pain that the misery we carry can stop us from rolling the great spherical rock to the top of the mountain. The true life is where there are risks, dangers, miseries, suffering, injustice, … Continue reading The Stranger, Memory and Knowledge


Living. When I’m thinking of love I just see this cloud that passes in that moment that someone should first of all to love himself and honor life through this love, accord yourself love and you don’t miss it. If … Continue reading Living

Absurdity of life.

I will write these unanswered questions as they pass through my life. I have always sought answers, and I want them furiously. I always sought a meaning to my life until this confrontation with the absurdity. The manifestation of the absurd … Continue reading Absurdity of life.

The Shape of Existence

I have this ardent passion to write all my dynamic thoughts, my inflamed emotions and this excited desire for life and its light. I would like to devote these lines to life, light, and time. Time, as Goethe said, is our field. I have always wanted to escape and deny this field. Alas, that I have understood that my life is so attached to time, than hope. I thought that observing things is better than thinking. Thought gives birth to this attachment to the misery of the world. Furthermore, we felt this attachment when we began to think of things … Continue reading The Shape of Existence

Time is our field

Suicide is a way to escape time. It’s a way to join eternity. A being feels stranger, he/she thinks that he/she is lost in this miserable life. I was thinking if we don’t never exist in this univers. Who will discover all what we know about this univers? I was thinking if any kind of the creatures living on earth can think, and have consciousness and imagination. Will they think as us? Will they feel as us? Will they be conscious of time? Time always brings questions, without answers. Time is whitout any certain answers. I’m not certain of that, but … Continue reading Time is our field


After a blisteringly hot day, the sun had finally set. The relief from the hot moisturless air was palpable. The night sky stood in a cover of painful darkness held only the smallest of the stars freckled only by the fewest stars, where a few hours ago there was a blue summer day. In the dead of night, even the city lights ebbed to a mere inkling. They dwindled to a smattering of tenacious night owls. Outside in the middle of darkness, the evening has just been over. Filling up with small specks of light, shinning like a million fireflies. … Continue reading Absurdity


Always enjoy the good times you spend in nature. Delight in this relaxation of the soul and the body. Nature is our mirror that reflects much beauty and simplicity of life. Continue reading Nature

How I see life?

In my way to home, I was thinking after a long day of working about life and its simplicity and how human being complicated it in my way I saw all the beauty of nature and what the forces of … Continue reading How I see life?