Always enjoy the good times you spend in nature. Delight in this relaxation of the soul and the body. Nature is our mirror that reflects much beauty and simplicity of life. Continue reading Nature

How I see life?

In my way to home, I was thinking after a long day of working about life and its simplicity and how human being complicated it in my way I saw all the beauty of nature and what the forces of … Continue reading How I see life?

When Science explains everything.

When science explains everything, I think that two things participate strongly in the process of evolution the first is Entropy, and the second is Quantum theory. Can quantum theory explains the mysteries of the universe? Can scientists explain quantum theory to … Continue reading When Science explains everything.

No good neither bad

I don’t think that any day will pass entirely good neither bad, but as in the quantum level there’re quarks and anti-quarks run this universe from the beginning until our days and for ever making an equilibrium inside it. There’re no bad or good days there’s life should be took as it is. When I’m sad I live and when I’m good I live I live no matter what happen to me then I content to live and to tame things that I love and teach me something. We have a responsibility towards life. Continue reading No good neither bad

Don’t Be frightened

We are confused because we always want to understand all the things around us, and to control everything. This attempt to control all the things that happen to us and even those that have not even to happen. Why can’t … Continue reading Don’t Be frightened

Let take those simple things

What  matter is that we existe, take care of yourself, live with yourself. Let things go, and life will show who you are. the way that you treat the others shows who you are. I don’t care if someone loves me or not, but I don’t let anyone insulte me, I love myself with all my defaults and qualities. In life learn to accepte what you dislike, and how to flow with the water of the river. In life observe everything, don’t seek happiness, create it. Happiness and sadness are alike. What count is your life, enjoy the present moment and let what … Continue reading Let take those simple things

Tame the Flowers

If you cultivate the flowers in your gardens of the heart, know that a flower must never leave the garden of the heart. Each flower counts for this bright garden because each one is unique even if they are similar … Continue reading Tame the Flowers

A Short Commentry in Life and Faith.

Commentary on life: Life has a lot of mysteries the problem with it that every mystery dares another one, we are seekers for answers to understand the biggest questions of human being from the ancient ages, we live in a lope of mysteries without end. I used to ask the same question too many times, and with different ways as Why there is a life? Why the life is the way it is? I read too many books to understand life, scientific ones as the Grand design, The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen W. Hawking and philosophical ones as … Continue reading A Short Commentry in Life and Faith.

The Little Things of Happiness

The little things that make us happy every moment are our heroes who save our lives. We must know that everything will have meaning, and nothing happens by chance, certainly there is a reason that keeps us alive. There is … Continue reading The Little Things of Happiness


What is existence? An infinity of destinies that are encountered in every moment of life. I am lost since the day I began to feel the world. Every morning when I go out to my work in my path I meet people … Continue reading Tears