How I see life?

In my way to home, I was thinking after a long day of working about life and its simplicity and how human being complicated it in my way I saw all the beauty of nature and what the forces of … Continue reading How I see life?

Let take those simple things

What  matter is that we existe, take care of yourself, live with yourself. Let things go, and life will show who you are. the way that you treat the others shows who you are. I don’t care if someone loves me or not, but I don’t let anyone insulte me, I love myself with all my defaults and qualities. In life learn to accepte what you dislike, and how to flow with the water of the river. In life observe everything, don’t seek happiness, create it. Happiness and sadness are alike. What count is your life, enjoy the present moment and let what … Continue reading Let take those simple things

Reach the stars

We want to reach the stars but that is impossible because they are far away from us a billion of light years, It’s seemed impossible to reach them. A wonderful story that I’d read its title is : the little prince a work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry the little prince lives in the asteroid B612, what I love in the little prince that he takes life simple and without any complications, he wants a ship a flower a simple thinks he understands  better than the adults the meaning of life in the simplicity of life itself, it takes life as it … Continue reading Reach the stars

Create Love

If someone reject my love, then I have love and I’ll give it as the sun gives us its light. If there’s no love, I don’t find it then I create it. Love is creation, if you are strong create … Continue reading Create Love

Supernova (A Star Is Born) (Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature)

The Great Red Giant could no longer bear The forces of fission held within its care Collected fuels over such a great time A load too heavy, and fusion too prime So far beneath its plasmatic sea The forces of … Continue reading Supernova (A Star Is Born) (Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature)

Beauty In Nature

Theres a poem in every flower, a sonnet in every tree, a tale in every lifetime its just for you to see… theres a lyric in every brook as it rushes over rocks, theres an ode in every nuance, as … Continue reading Beauty In Nature

Healing and Cosmos

Healing that what we need in our life, but we don’t let this process continu its steps because we are so hurt and injured by someone or something in our life. I want to write about a story in this subject that I read it in this morning in ” OrionBrightStar ” the story is about a student that he wants to learn from a Wiseman what is the cosmos? The student failed in the end to understand what is the cosmos. When I go in this morning in the street I want to see this cosmos that the Wiseman was … Continue reading Healing and Cosmos

Happy Days

A fringe of rushes — one green line Upon a faded plain; A silver streak of water-shine — Above, tree-watchers twain. It was our resting-place awhile, And still, with backward gaze, We say: “‘Tis many a weary mile — But … Continue reading Happy Days

2016, I’ve Read 63 Books.

I’ve read in this year sixty three books in this year, more than the last year it was thirty one book. I decide to read in this year 90 books. I’ve all the moment of my new year to read books. … Continue reading 2016, I’ve Read 63 Books.