Always enjoy the good times you spend in nature. Delight in this relaxation of the soul and the body. Nature is our mirror that reflects much beauty and simplicity of life. Continue reading Nature

How I see life?

In my way to home, I was thinking after a long day of working about life and its simplicity and how human being complicated it in my way I saw all the beauty of nature and what the forces of … Continue reading How I see life?

When Science explains everything.

When science explains everything, I think that two things participate strongly in the process of evolution the first is Entropy, and the second is Quantum theory. Can quantum theory explains the mysteries of the universe? Can scientists explain quantum theory to … Continue reading When Science explains everything.

Don’t Be frightened

We are confused because we always want to understand all the things around us, and to control everything. This attempt to control all the things that happen to us and even those that have not even to happen. Why can’t … Continue reading Don’t Be frightened

Create Love

If someone reject my love, then I have love and I’ll give it as the sun gives us its light. If there’s no love, I don’t find it then I create it. Love is creation, if you are strong create … Continue reading Create Love

Why we fall in love?

I’ll respond to this question with my proper experience, and what I’d seen in the life of the others, why we fall in love? Why  we need love? The best thing that we can do in our life, to put … Continue reading Why we fall in love?

The Sunshine Of the Life

The shining light of the sun that rises up in every morning to call us to the beginning of the new day that comes with all its mysteries, questions, and may be an answer for the precedent question that we’d asked a past day. We ask too many questions but we get only just one answer and the rest stay unknown. As I saw that in every moment of my life, that I believe to be born in the sprint that its light blessed me  and under it I grew up, walk and tell my first words. When we are blessed by … Continue reading The Sunshine Of the Life

Supernova (A Star Is Born) (Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature)

The Great Red Giant could no longer bear The forces of fission held within its care Collected fuels over such a great time A load too heavy, and fusion too prime So far beneath its plasmatic sea The forces of … Continue reading Supernova (A Star Is Born) (Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature)


We’ve a greatest desire to photographe and paint every beautiful sight, landscape and creature that we saw in it what we’ve missed in our life. Our love to paint nature and people that we want to describe our emotions and … Continue reading Photo