In order to grow up your intellect, you should challenge your ideas not by confirming them. But to provoking yourself. We can’t escape the process of growing, and that one includs our thinking. We grow to understand not to memorize. We live to know not to believe. Then I’m not certain that the form of judgement that I made is entirely true. I’m uncertain that I’m certain, I’m uncertain about the truth. I’m uncertain about the education that I recieved and I don’t take it seriously. I’m uncertain about the knowledge that I’ve. I think that there’re things beyond what … Continue reading Growing

The Stranger, Memory and Knowledge

Albert Camus shows in the Stranger the superman of Nietzsche, a being who stands in front of the absurdity of life and he rejects any conversion to God or a irrational beliefs. That is what Camus wants from every human being.  The Stranger is a revolt being. The Stranger doesn’t seek to be eternal but he insists to be present and living fully. Neither death, nor the pain that the misery we carry can stop us from rolling the great spherical rock to the top of the mountain. The true life is where there are risks, dangers, miseries, suffering, injustice, … Continue reading The Stranger, Memory and Knowledge


After a blisteringly hot day, the sun had finally set. The relief from the hot moisturless air was palpable. The night sky stood in a cover of painful darkness held only the smallest of the stars freckled only by the fewest stars, where a few hours ago there was a blue summer day. In the dead of night, even the city lights ebbed to a mere inkling. They dwindled to a smattering of tenacious night owls. Outside in the middle of darkness, the evening has just been over. Filling up with small specks of light, shinning like a million fireflies. … Continue reading Absurdity

How I see life?

In my way to home, I was thinking after a long day of working about life and its simplicity and how human being complicated it in my way I saw all the beauty of nature and what the forces of … Continue reading How I see life?

I want to touch you poem of Kafka

I want to touch you with my heart I want to feel you with my words I want to watch you hear me think; In your love I want to drink Crying 4 Kafka. Continue reading I want to touch you poem of Kafka

I Learn From Life: To Be Responsible.

We always betray our principles and plans because of fear, one day we’ll release that not the others who control us, but our fears. If you win against your fears you can live the life that you want, but you can’t find the meaning of your life if you don’t experience fear, despair and misery. One thing you must be aware of it when you make a choice, for everything good that you want in your life in the other side of the balance of life there’s another thing bad stands, as in quantum physics particles and anti-particles. What is … Continue reading I Learn From Life: To Be Responsible.

Reach the stars

We want to reach the stars but that is impossible because they are far away from us a billion of light years, It’s seemed impossible to reach them. A wonderful story that I’d read its title is : the little prince a work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry the little prince lives in the asteroid B612, what I love in the little prince that he takes life simple and without any complications, he wants a ship a flower a simple thinks he understands  better than the adults the meaning of life in the simplicity of life itself, it takes life as it … Continue reading Reach the stars

Create Love

If someone reject my love, then I have love and I’ll give it as the sun gives us its light. If there’s no love, I don’t find it then I create it. Love is creation, if you are strong create … Continue reading Create Love