Rights and Equality For Women.

Rights and freedom for women stop at the stigmatization of women’s rights. They suffer around the world rap, sexual harassment, sexual slave, war booty, violence and many other injustices. It is not difficult to recognize the role of women in society; they are mothers, sisters, colleagues, friends, lovers of our lives, our daughters and our wives.  When man has not been able to understand woman, he oppresses her, because of his limited thinking and his division of life we do injustices. Let women enjoy their happiness without persecution or even though it is dictated by other people. How many women suffer … Continue reading Rights and Equality For Women.

Equality and Toleration.

Human rights are a matter of justice, defending them is an obligation to everyone, to challenge the authorities of those states who don’t respect their citizens, by violating their rights. Human rights have a greatest moral weight. Our world is divided by the multiculturalism of its societies, but those societies aren’t equal there’re some societies who suffer from authoritarian tyrannical policies of their rulers, or they suffer from their traditions and customs,  that put them in a deep ignorance. The inequality between humans is a reality that we can’t escape, there’re too many of inequalities, let talk about the negative inequalities as education, … Continue reading Equality and Toleration.

Love is the greatest happiness

I love this quote and I post it in my blog, to share with you my own idea about love. Love is greatest and the best one when the romantic love when you see two couples laugh and dance as the couples of birds fly … Continue reading Love is the greatest happiness


Canst thou love me, lady? I’ve not learn’d to woo: Thou art on the shady Side of sixty too. Still I love thee dearly! Thou hast lands and pelf: But I love thee merely Merely for thyself. Wilt thou love … Continue reading Love

Female Beauty

What’s Female Beauty, but an Art divine. Through which the Mind’s all gentle Grace shine? They like the Sun irradiate all between; The body charms, because the Mind is seen. By Akenside, Mark. Picture from : sarcastic-nonfictionalist.tumblr.com Continue reading Female Beauty