I want to touch you poem of Kafka

I want to touch you with my heart I want to feel you with my words I want to watch you hear me think; In your love I want to drink Crying 4 Kafka. Continue reading I want to touch you poem of Kafka

Tame the Flowers

If you cultivate the flowers in your gardens of the heart, know that a flower must never leave the garden of the heart. Each flower counts for this bright garden because each one is unique even if they are similar … Continue reading Tame the Flowers


When we are able to forgive we are capable of loving unconditionally everything that is. Forgiveness and love are inseparable. Forgiveness to oneself is already a big step. The other is also a being who has suffered often we speak with our sufferings, so let’s try to speak with the heart. Forgiveness is the gift that one makes of one’s right to resentment, after being the victim of an offense. I think that forgiveness opens new doors in our life, it brings change and the transformation that we wait for, all of us have being offended by some people but that not means to replay … Continue reading Forgiveness


If you trust yourself, you need to know how to listen well. If you trust yourself, you know that you need to look for the origin of things instead of judging them by your opinions. If you trust yourself, you know that all what the others say isn’t the truth but just their opinions. If you trust yourself, you never use violence against the others. It’s through the rational mind that the creative ideas transform your life. Ask your truth rather than trying to justify them, it is better for someone to observe, question, analyze and conclude than to justify by faith. But above … Continue reading Confident.

Held Your Lessons.

Have you held back your lessons? A simple question to stop all your protests, what did you learn from life? I know you’re going to say a lot, but what I’d like to see are you applying all these lessons? … Continue reading Held Your Lessons.

fill your life

The greatest treason I commit is to betray myself, I have not understood the message of life which is that of my own nature. When we are aware of our life we can have an extreme confidence in ourselves. We will excite our … Continue reading fill your life


We are perfect with all our qualities and errors, and that what makes us special than any species we have imagination then we are free to create our life the way that we want. I want then to clear another … Continue reading Perfect

A Short Commentry in Life and Faith.

Commentary on life: Life has a lot of mysteries the problem with it that every mystery dares another one, we are seekers for answers to understand the biggest questions of human being from the ancient ages, we live in a lope of mysteries without end. I used to ask the same question too many times, and with different ways as Why there is a life? Why the life is the way it is? I read too many books to understand life, scientific ones as the Grand design, The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen W. Hawking and philosophical ones as … Continue reading A Short Commentry in Life and Faith.

The Little Things of Happiness

The little things that make us happy every moment are our heroes who save our lives. We must know that everything will have meaning, and nothing happens by chance, certainly there is a reason that keeps us alive. There is … Continue reading The Little Things of Happiness